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Week of May 01 - 24

Music Video Project

Create a music video for either an existing song or create one for your own songs!

You can either provide your own vocals or just lip sync to the track.  It is not necessary to be in the video but you must create the video yourself!

This video MUST satisfy the following:

  • Must be school appropriate

  • No less than two minutes long

  • Include a title graphic

Production Timeline

  • Monday - May 01 - Research ideas and choose song for project

  • Thursday - May 04 - Finish script and storyboard

  • Monday - May 08 - Continue recording content

  • Thursday - May 11 - Continue recording and editing content

  • Monday - May 15 - Finish recording and editing content

  • Thursday - May 18 - Continue editing content

  • Monday - May 22 - Finish editing project

  • Tuesday - May 23 - Presentations

22 - AV Prod I: Activities
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Week of April 3 - 14

Chapter Seven - LIghting

This chapter is about different types of lights and lighting techniques

  • Types of Lights

  • Ways to Control Light

  • Ways to Measure Light

  • Ways to Block Light

  • Various Lighting Situations

Review the chapter notes slideshow below

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of March 21 - 28

Claymation / Stopmotion Project

You have two weeks to plan, create, record, edit, and produce a video to be shown on March 28.

This project is to be at least 15 seconds long but unlimited on total length

  • March 21 - View previous projects and research ideas

  • March 22 - Finish storyboard and start recording scenes

  • March 24 - Finish recording and start editing video

  • March 27 - Finish editing and post final video to Canvas

  • March 28 - Presentations



Clay Man Fight

High School Drama 

Happy Playdoh

Playdoh Cats




Chair Race

Lego Food

Paper Project

Sad Candy

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of Feb. 20 - March 3

GMetrix - Module One
Working in the Video Industry

Complete all items for Lesson One

  • Student Workbook

Complete all items for Lesson Two

  • Student Workbook

Complete all items for Lesson Three

  • Student Workbook

Complete Module One Kahoot

Complete Module One Exam

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of February 13 - 17

Chapter Six - Framing Effective Shots

This chapter includes the following:

  • Basic camera don'ts

  • Things to do before/during/after the show

  • Different types of shots

  • Body panning

  • Leadroom/Noseroom/Noseroom

Chapter notes and kahoot links are listed below

22 - AV Prod I: Activities
download (9)_edited.png

Week of January 23 - Feb. 10

Super Bowl Commercial Project

Create a 30 -> 60 second commercial that could be played during a Super Bowl commercial break.

  • Product Advertisements

  • Food Stuffs

  • Beverages

  • Pets and Animals

  • Places & Destinations

Research ideas and then complete a script and storyboard for a project that you can actually create.

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of January 17 - April 14

Shattered Dreams Project

This project is to portray the dangers of mental illness and drug use among teens. 

Length: No less than 15 minutes

This will be shown to the entire campus

22 - AV Prod I: Activities
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Week of January 9 - 13

Chapter Five

Study your notes and play the Chapter Five Kahoot.

Upload a screenshot of your score on Canvas

**Exam link is below!!

22 - AV Prod I: Activities
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Week of January 9 - 13

Chapter Five

This chapter is all about camera mounting equipment, camera movements, and robotic equipment!

View the notes slideshow below and write notes on each slide.  Upload your notes to the assignment in Canvas

**Exam is next week!!

22 - AV Prod I: Activities
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Week of December 12 - 16

Semester Exam

This exam is 100 questions and covers:

  • Chapter Three

  • Chapter Four

Use your notes and check your answers, you get ONE attempt

22 - AV Prod I: Activities
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Week of December 5 - 9

Semester Exam Prep

This week, we will:​

  • Chapter Three Notes

  • Chapter Three Kahoot

  • Chapter Four Notes

  • Chapter Four Kahoot

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of Nov. 14 - Dec. 2

Beverage Commercial

You are to create a 30sec. to a one minute beverage commercial on a drink of your choice (school appropriate).

This can be a soft drink, fruit juice, energy drink, milk/tea, water, etc.

*Provide a full script and storyboard for your video

*Plan, shoot, edit, and produce a video we can all watch together

*Final project is absolutely due by December 2

22 - AV Prod I: Activities
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Week of November 7 - 11

Chapter Four Exam Prep

Complete the Chapter Four handout and play the Kahoot! to prepare for the Chapter Four exam later this week.

We will review the answers and play Kahoot! together in class

You may use your notes or the exam

22 - AV Prod I: Activities
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Week of Oct. 31 - Nov. 4

Chapter Four Notes

This chapter is all about camera lenses.  You will learn about:

  • Types of Lenses

  • Iris

  • Aperture

  • F-Stop

  • Depth of Field

Review the chapter notes below and write notes on each slide to prepare yourself for the upcoming chapter exam

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of October 24 - 28

Scary/Horror Movie Trailer Presentations

Presentations will be on Friday the 28th and on Halloween!!

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of October 17 - 21

Scary/Horror Movie Trailer

Using your script and storyboard, record and edit a 45sec->1 minute movie trailer for a scary or horror movie.  

* Add sound effects and a movie title

* Video needs to be edited in a coherent sequence and viewable on the computer

* You may do this project solo or may work in a group of your own choosing

* All submissions will be presented and graded by the class on the last week of October

Downloadable elements (Links to an external site.)

Username: syates2020

Password: newpass20

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of October 10 - 14

Chapter Three Unit

This chapter unit has four grades

  • Notes

  • Handout

  • Kahoot

  • Exam

22 - AV Prod I: Activities
download (2)_edited.png

Week of October 3 - 7

Chapter Three

This chapter is about the television camera.  You will learn about these and more:

  • Aspect Ratio

  • White Balance

  • Resolution

  • Gain

  • Moiré Effect

Take notes from the chapter slideshow found below

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of September 26 - 30

A-Z  Photo Challenge

Using your phone, capture objects that resemble EACH of the 26 letters in the alphabet.   Be creative in how you represent these letters but be careful to not show "not school appropriate" items.

Ways to create and submit your A-Z project:

Google Slides

Google Photos

Google Doc

When complete, drop the shared link in the assignment submission area.

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of September 12 - 16

History of AV Production Essay

Write about how the evolution of technology has changed the way people communicate, businesses operate, and how information is spread around the world.

I also want to know how technology, or the lack thereof, has changed life for you and your family.

Must be no less than one page but may exceed two pages

**If using online or other resources, please cite your sources

22 - AV Prod I: Activities
Large Format Camera

Week of September 05 - 09

History of AV Production

Read through and take notes on the information found on the "Timeline" button below.

Using your notes, complete the Kahoot and attach a screenshot/photo of your score to the Canvas assignment

Once completed, use Visme, Canva, Prezi, or a different resource to create your own timeline showing the many technological advances and the people who pioneered this industry. 

**Presentations will follow.

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of August 29 - Sept. 2

About Me Presentation

Create a slideshow with the following slides

1. Intro - Name and Date

2. Background - Tell us about yourself

3. Friends - Who's your crew?!

4. Family - Your support

5. Hobbies - How you spend your spare time

6. Future Goals/Plans - Life after high school

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of August 22 - 26

Flipgrid - Two Truths and a Lie

Record yourself telling the class two truths and one lie about yourself.

Example: My name is Mr. Yates, and I have surfed next to a shark, have two kids, and I have been skydiving more than once.

You can access this Flipgrid assignment using the link below!

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of August 22 - 26

Social/Behavior Contracts

Using the link found in the Canvas assignment, create your own rules for the classroom.

You may use as many bullet points as needed to provide choices, add at least one per group (four total per person)

**We will work as group to choose which submissions we like the best.


Teacher -> Student

Treat us with respect
Be lenient with deadlines
Believe in our vision

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of August 22 - 26

Safety at Home

Upload a drawing of your basic blueprint design (of where you live) and show your fire escape route. This can be drawn on paper or using the "paint" app on your computer.

You will need to list the following five elements on your escape plan: type of room, doors, windows, path of escape, and meeting place. Bonus points if you include a map legend!

Submit your assignment in Canvas when completed.

22 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of August 15 - 19

Intro to Canvas

Watch the video below to get acquainted with Canvas.  Once you have watched the full video, write three things you've learned in the Discussions area on Canvas

22 - AV Prod I: Activities
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