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Week of September 4 - 8

How-To Project

Create a well-planned video that demonstrates how to do/build/create something.  The final video needs to be at least two minutes but no longer than five minutes total.

Possible categories

  • Food / Recipes

  • Skill / Action

  • Fixing / Repair Work

  • Literally anything else

Video must contain (but not limited to)

  • Title

  • Sound (music and/or effects)

  • Plenty of direct and supportive content (B-roll and cutaways)

  • Call to Action

23 - AV Prod I: Activities
23 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of August 21 - 25

Social/Behavior Contracts

Using the link found in the Canvas assignment, create your own rules for the classroom.

You may use as many bullet points as needed to provide choices, add at least one per group (four total per person)

**We will work as group to choose which submissions we like the best.


Teacher -> Student

Treat us with respect
Be lenient with deadlines
Believe in our vision

23 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of August 21 - 25

Flipgrid - Two Truths and a Lie

Record yourself telling the class two truths and one lie about yourself.

Example: My name is Mr. Yates, and I have surfed next to a shark, have two kids, and I have been skydiving more than once.

You can access this Flipgrid assignment using the link below!

23 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of August 21 - 25

About Me Presentation

Create a slideshow with the following slides

1. Intro - Name and Date

2. Background - Tell us about yourself

3. Friends - Who's your crew?!

4. Family - Your support

5. Favorites - Food, drinks, snacks, movies

6. Hobbies - How you spend your spare time

7. Hope to Learn - What you are interested in

8. Future Goals/Plans - Life after high school

Share to email and/or submit in Canvas


Week of August 21 - 25

Safety Tour

Using the link below, indicate a variety of safety hazards throughout the building.




Once you completed the list, begin creating a mitigation plan for solving those issues.

23 - AV Prod I: Activities
23 - AV Prod I: Activities

Week of August 15 - 19

Intro to Canvas

Watch the video below to get acquainted with Canvas.  Once you have watched the full video, write three things you've learned in the Discussions area on Canvas

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